• Drop a glass size

    Get in great shape inside and out


  • Every time you have a drink it adds up to more than you think


  • It's more than just avoiding a hangover

    Stay sensible. Stay healthy


  • Is alcohol ageing you?

    Look in the Drinking Mirror.


  • Alcohol and men

    Drinking like a man

    Men drink more on average than women - and unsurprisingly, men suffer more ill effects as a result.

  • women and alcohol

    Is it different for girls?

    Women's bodies react to alcohol in a different way to men's.

  • health and wellbeing

    Drinking responsibly

    It doesn't matter whether you drink cocktails, beer, wine, cider or lager, it's the alcohol that counts.

Real Radio 30 Day Challenge

Drinking Mirror

Dropping a Glass Size isn't about stopping drinking it's about drinking less by switching to a slightly smaller glass. Watch now.

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