Where are your calories hiding?

At 7 calories per gram, alcohol has more calories than many foods. Cutting back on the amount you drink is a great way to detox and reduce the amount of calories you're consuming.

  • Hidden calories

    For many of us, drinking sensibly is key to controlling our weight. After all, at 7 calories per gram, alcohol has nearly as many calories as pure fat!(1) As you might know, there are almost 200 calories in just one large glass of wine! That’s nearly as many as a four chocolate covered wafers or packet of crisps!. Two beers – at nearly 300 calories that’s almost as many as a lunchtime sandwich!

  • Increasing your appetite

    Alcohol both stimulates our appetite and reduces our self-control, making it far too easy to eat too much. Which explains why you reach for another packet of crisps when you’re having a drink at home and crave high fat, salty junk food at the end of a night out.

  • Empty calories

    Calories from alcohol are ‘empty’ calories. They have no nutritional value. If you have a drink while cooking or watching the TV before dinner you could have consumed around 250 calories before you even tuck in!

  • Extra pounds

    Drinking alcohol reduces the amount of fat your body burns for energy. While our bodies store nutrients, protein and carbohydrates it can’t store alcohol and so our systems want to get rid of it first. As a result, the calories in alcohol are metabolised by our bodies ahead of burning fat or absorbing nutrients – bad news for your waistline.

  • Think about what you drink

    By taking simple steps to drink responsibly such as opting for a small rather than a large glass of wine, measuring your drinks at home using a measuring cup, or keeping a drinks diary, you can start to make a difference to your waistline and your health.

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