Your place or mine?

Sharing a bottle of wine with a takeaway or a couple of drinks snuggled up on the couch is something couples all over Scotland do every week. In fact, over half of us say the place we drink the most often is home. What sort of role does alcohol play in your relationship?

Looking after your relationship

  • Don’t wait until you’ve had a drink to talk

    While a drink can help you and your partner feel more relaxed and sociable, too much can lead to arguments. When you want to talk about issues wait for a time when you’re both sober - you may feel less inhibited after a few drinks, but you might not get the mutual understanding you’re looking for.

  • Keep things fresh

    Drinking (not to mention recovering from its after-effects) probably means less time doing other, more positive things together. If you’re worried you’re both stuck in a routine which usually involves alcohol try adding some new and different activities in the mix. A surprise could be just the thing.

  • Extra stress on relationships

    If one or both of you regularly drinks too much, the strain will start to tell in all parts of your relationship. Drink makes us emotionally less sensitive as well as physically clumsy. Excessive drinking is cited as a main factor in 1 in 3 divorces*. By supporting each other you can enjoy a happier relationship together.

  • Domestic abuse

    Alarmingly, alcohol is linked to domestic abuse. Although alcohol does not cause domestic abuse it is a factor. For example, women who experience domestic abuse may turn to alcohol to cope with the abuse and numb the pain. A man’s use of alcohol, particularly with heavy drinking, is likely to result in more serious injury to his partner than if he is sober.

*Prime Minister's Strategy Unit (2003) Alcohol Harm Reduction project: Interim Analytical Report


Turn it around together

Perhaps you find you make each other drink more? Why not commit to drinking responsibly together? You can then help each stick to the sensible drinking guidelines or consider taking a couple of alcohol-free days a week, by going to see a film or trying an alcohol-free cocktail. Measuring your drinks is also a good way of keeping track of how much you're drinking.