It's easy to drink more than you think

Do you know that there are around 9-10 units of alcohol in a bottle of wine? If you're surprised, you're not alone. Recent research1 revealed that only 15% of people were able to accurately say how many units were in an average bottle of wine. If you're unsure of how many units are in your drink you could be putting your health at risk without even realising it.

Units and you

Drinks vary so widely in terms of strength and size that it can be difficult to tell how many units are in them. Home measures, poured without measuring, make it easy to lose track of how many units we're consuming at any one time. Why not use this unit calculator to work out how many units you're drinking on an average day? Or take the Wine Guess Challenge and guess how many units are in your usual glass. Watch this video to see how some other people got on when we asked them to have a guess.

What's the harm in it?

Most of us assume that because we're not binge drinking or dependent on alcohol, we're fine. The reality is that regularly exceeding the sensible drinking guidelines could be damaging to your health too.

Taking time to think just how much you're drinking can make a big difference to your health. For example, you could sleep better, look better (alcohol affects your skin and hair) and have happier relationships. More importantly you'll avoid more serious long-term health issues too.


  1. Scottish Social Attitudes Survey 2007